The Secret Reunion (2010)

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The Secret Reunion (2010) Action, Drama, Thriller | 117min | 4 February 2010 (South Korea) 6.9
Director: Hun JangWriter: Min-seok Jang, Joo-Ho KimStars: Kang-ho Song, Dong-Won Gang, Seung-ik BaekSummary: A North Korean killer known as "Shadow" is sent to assassinate an important dissident who found refuge in Seoul. He is helped by two sleeping agents: Son Tae-soon as look-out, and Song Ji-won, an elite fighter. The North Koreans have not counted with Lee Han-gyoo, from the South Korean National Intelligence Service, who has been tracking them and closes in with his men. Han-gyoo has not counted with the North Koreans' skill and ruthlessness. True to his reputation, "Shadow" disappears. Ji-won manages to escape, but cannot return to his country, where he is suspected to be a traitor, nor defect, for this means certain death for his wife and daughter who remained in North Korea. Discredited, Han-gyoo is fired from the NIS. Several years later, Ji-won and Han-gyoo meet unexpectedly, and pick up their confrontation -- but not quite from where they left it off. Written by Eduardo Casais <>


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