The Hunt (2016)

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Sanyang (2016) Thriller | 93min | 29 June 2016 (South Korea) 5.1
Director: Lee Woo-ChulWriter: Cheon Jin-wooStars: Sung-Ki Ahn, Jin-woong Cho, Yeri HanSummary: Ki-Sung is suffering from the aftereffects of a coal mine incident. Now he goes to the mountain everyday to hunt for a living. But on this particular day, he sees a suspicious group of hunters and chases them. The group is lead by the business-man Park who has found a claim of gold at the mountain-site. But while trying to buy the area from the old woman who owns it, they got into an argument and Park kills her furiously. Ki-Sung tried to stop them, but now they are after him to erase the only witness of their crime. The beginning of a brutal fight for survival. Written by Anonymus


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