Insane (2016)

Insane (2016) Crime, Drama, Horror | 91min | 7 April 2016 (South Korea) 6.1
Director: Cheol-ha LeeWriter: Cheol-ha LeeStars: Jin-ho Choi, Ye-won Kang, Jong-soo KimSummary: Soo-a seems to be a normal young woman, but one bad day she is kidnapped during broad daylight and in the middle of downtown. She is taken to a psychiatric hospital, locked up, getting drugs and is tortured. She doesn't know why all this is happening to her. To prevent herself from becoming insane, Soo-a secretly writes down the whole story in every detail. One year later, the TV-journalist Nam-soo receives a notebook. He also doesn't know why or who had sent him the device, but when takes a closer look, he finds the notes of Soo-a. First he thinks about a joke, but soon finds out that some details could be real, which leaves him shocked. He starts an investigation and soon finds Soo-a in prison; locked up as a murder suspect. Desperate to help her, Nam-soo wants to find out the truth of what happened to that young woman. Written by Anonymus


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