Golden Slumber (2018)

Goldeun seulleombeo (2018) Action, Thriller | 108min | 14 February 2018 (South Korea) 5.8
Director: Dong-Seok NohWriter: Ui Seok Cho, Kôtarô IsakaStars: Dong-Won Gang, Eui-sung Kim, Seong-gyoon KimSummary: Gun-woo (GANG Dong-won) is an honest and hardworking courier who even won a Model Citizen Award for saving a singer from a robbery incident. Out of the blue, his old friend Moo-yeol comes to visit him at work. With just a short moment to enjoy the pleasant surprise, Gun-woo witnesses a bombing incident that kills a presidential candidate right before his eyes. Moo-yeol tells Gun-woo that he is responsible for the bombing and that everyone will come after him as it is the agency's plan to make him the prime suspect. Gun-woo manages to flee from the scene but all evidences, including security camera footages, witness testimonies and fingerprints point toward him as the suspect. He meets former secret agent Mr. Min (KIM Eui-sung), who is an old friend of Moo-yeol and he helps out clear his name. Gun-woo must fight with all his strength to stay alive. However, as he tries to run away, everyone around him is put into dangerous situations, including old friends Dong-kyu (KIM Dae-myeung), ...


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