Going by the Book (2007)

Bareuge salja (2007) Action, Comedy | 102min | 18 October 2007 (South Korea) 7.4
Director: Hee-chan RaWriter: Jin Jang, Hiroshi SaitôStars: Jae-yeong Jeong, Byung-ho Son, Young-eun LeeSummary: A string of bank robberies sets off a public panic. In order to appease the residents of the city and fulfill his own ambitions, the newly appoints chief of police decides to hold an anti-bank robbery drill to demonstrate the effectiveness of the police. He secretly appoints a naïve traffic cop to disguise as a robber, overlooking the fact that the inflexible, by-the-book officer will go all out in accomplishing any assigned mission-even when it's robbery. Written by CJ Entertainment


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